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We're Big on the Internet...

I don't normally post twice in one day, and I already have a post planned for today but I felt that this was worth mentioning too... our wedding was on the Huffington Post! What?! Apparently Lloyd's not the only one in this family who is popular on the internet. We never thought our elopement would turn into such a big thing! We're even on Pinterest! It's just surreal to me because a few months ago when I was scouring the internet for winter wedding inspiration I was pinning other people's photos in amazement, and now other people are pinning ours! The internet is really cool sometimes. We're so happy that our elopement turned into a sort of collaborative art project and now other people are feeling inspired by it. As artists, that's all you can ever hope for!


  1. Your elopement actually provided the perfect solution for my wedding planning woes. In short, I am not a fan of parties and other large gatherings (I am extremely introverted), and the thought of having to decide on a wedding guest list (which would be mostly filled up out of obligations and not actual desire to have people attend) and trying to please everyone, including etiquette, was causing me to put off wedding planning. I never, in my wildest imaginations, thought a planned elopement was possible and your post on your elopement opened my eyes. Since I read your post, my fiance and I have already decided on a date, an announcement design, AND are on the very verge of deciding on a location. The only things left to do would be find an officiant, a photographer, and get our rings (we already know where we are getting them and the style). So thank you. Thank you for opening my eyes. And congratulations on your beautiful elopement! <3

  2. Flooshing RezidentJanuary 23, 2014 at 8:03 AM

    Good for you! I sent your elopement post to several friends - I'm sure a lot of other people did the same. It's so refreshing to see people doing something creative, as opposed to just throwing a lot of money around. And let's face it - so many weddings are so excruciatingly predictable! Not yours! Give Lloyd a hug!


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