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Week In Photos: Week 4

You know it's cold when you wake up to frost on the inside of your windows...

Our local brewery opened early during the last snowstorm, so of course we walked over there.

They were giving away free candied bacon to anyone willing to trek over there! We were the first customers.

Their bread and butter plate is the best and simplest thing there is. Homemade bread tastes amazing.

I love the silence of the snow.

I couldn't find Lloyd the other day... he's really good at hide and seek.

All this cold weather is perfect for soup, so that's what Shawn made; it fed us for four days. He also scoffed at me buying new soup bowls, but look at how good they make the soup look! He later admitted as much.

My morning book & tea buddy. I was still jet lagged and waking up at 6am last week.

That was the last of this amazing loose leaf tea that tasted like Girl Scout Thin Mints :(

Lloyd made friends with my oldest stuffed animal.

I made brownies. And they were awesome. And then they were gone.

This year we made a vow to save up as much money as we can, so no frivolous spending. Which makes working at Anthropologie that much more difficult... but I decided that if I want to buy new clothes, I can sell my old clothes to pay for the new. So I spent over an hour sorting and prepping things to sell while watching What Not To Wear (guilty pleasure!)... I made $65! And I made another $40 selling a few things online.

I woke up and said, "I'm hungry!", to which Shawn replied, "What are you going to make?"... so I made blueberry muffins. It was either that or pancakes... there's only so much I can make with only one egg, a small amount of flour, and no butter.

This is where you will find Lloyd most afternoons if I'm home and sitting at my desk.

Thursday was National Pie Day. I did not make this, Trader Joe's did. I want to jump right into that blueberry filling. Thank you, Trader Joe's!

I hope you all had an amazing week!


  1. while the snow looks lovely from my window.. I am so over it..

  2. Yeah, it's starting to wear on me as well. Not the snow so much as the cold... I'm longing to be able to wear something other than boots outside.

  3. Thank you! They tasted amazing too! I'll be posting a recipe for the brownies soon!!!

  4. I never knew there was a brewery in Ardmore! Now I just have to go!



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