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Week In Photos: Week 1

I always really enjoy Tracy of Shutterbean's My Everyday Life posts on Sundays... so this year I thought I'd start taking photos throughout the week and posting them on Sundays as well! I like that it's an inside look at the every-day-happenings in our life, and that the photos can be far from perfect. It's also to push me to take more photos on a daily basis, so I hope you enjoy this new segment!

Here's the first week of January 2014, in photos:

We ended the year with Shawn's homemade curry... then I promptly fell asleep an hour and a half before midnight.

Not really the 'resolution types', we had pizza and bacon & cheez whiz fries for dinner on the first day of the year.

The first photo of Lloyd for the year! Sitting in a box, of course.

It snowed a lot the other day, so of course Shawn and I had to go for a walk around the neighborhood!

First cookbook of the new year! We've been trying to incorporate less meat and more veggies into our daily meals.

We moved my reading chair to a different part of the room and now Lloyd thinks it's his.

The quality is awful, but I can't not share this photo of my sister's dog sitting in a chair. While we all played Super Mario.

I brought home a hefty box of decaffeinated teas from my parents' house; now I have lots of choices in the morning!

What did your first week of the new year look like?


  1. that is the cutest tea box ever! I love doing this roundup of phone photos and seeing other peoples, as it's fun little glimpses into life.

  2. I know you don't prefer comments coming from here, but I needed to add that I think Lloyd is one of my favorite cats and that's saying something since I'm allergic to him :)


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