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Tierpark in Goldau

A little ways down the road from my parents' house in Switzerland there's a little zoo (known as a tierpark in German). It's actually not that little at all... there's a section with all sorts of birds, another section where deer and goats roam freely and you can gaze at wild boar, buffalo, owls, a fox, and other small animals. There's a little petting zoo with goats and rabbits (there were a few that looked like Lloyd!). And there's a huge section a short walk away that houses wolves and bears. Unfortunately the wild cat habitat is under construction and was closed.

I included that last photo to give you an idea of where the zoo is located - it's a little oasis in the middle of a town that sits below the mountains. Truly beautiful! It's my parents' favorite place to take family when they visit. Can you imagine having a little zoo down the road from where you live?