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Monday Lloyd-ering

Since a lot of people in the states are off from work today, I thought you'd all enjoy a little Lloyd this Monday afternoon.

While I love traveling and I do appreciate being able to spend time with my family (all five of us together doesn't happen very often!), I missed our little family of three while I was abroad. Especially Lloyd, since I was surrounded by dogs the entire trip! I think Lloyd missed me too, even if he ignored me for an hour when I first got home. Shawn says Lloyd waited by the door for me while I was away. In my experience, cats want to make sure you're aware that they were angry at you, before they show you the love they really feel. He has been full of cuddles ever since! :)


  1. Oh he just warms my heart. Such a tough life he has now. ;) My daughter's cat is the same way when she has been away. First he punishes her for leaving, by ignoring her and then he is very affectionate. They are smart creatures. Glad you had a great trip. Looks like a wonderful time.

  2. I will attest to the fact that he did in fact wait by the door just staring hoping that you'd be the next person walking in :) Great cat!

  3. Lloyd wins over all the so-called 'non-cat-lovers' ;)

  4. They are incredibly smart, and manipulative ;) Lloyd didn't ignore me for long though!


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