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Thanksgiving 2013

This year my sister, her boyfriend, and their roommate hosted Thanksgiving dinner. It was probably the largest crowd we've had for Thanksgiving ever - her boyfriend's family were there too, as well as my brother. Everybody brought something to the table- mostly pies, haha! There was a lack of communication about desserts so everyone ended up bringing pies with them. We had ten pies total! There were also the usual Thanksgiving staples along with beef brisket, shepherd's pie, cauliflower casserole, and stuffed artichoke and mushrooms. Everything was delicious; they did an awesome job! Afterwards, Shawn and I went to visit his mom and she gave us a bunch of food to take home with us. We had our second Thanksgiving meal for dinner last night. Between Thanksgiving, the Black Friday potluck at work, and our second Thanksgiving, I've had a whole lot of food this weekend... but I sure as heck ain't complaining!

And a gratuitous shot of Lloyd in a box.

Have an awesome Monday!