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So Many Cats in a Row

jacket: Anthropologie / tank top: Mossimo (Target) / skirt: Urban Outfitters / shoes: Miz Mooz

...Well hello, legs! I don't usually wear skirts this short but I couldn't resist the repeating cat pattern! Most of my skirts hit just above the knee; I haven't worn a skirt this short since my early college years. I don't like feeling as though my skirt could fly up at any moment... but apparently I'll make an exception for cats! I feel it should be mentioned that I wore black tights and boots the day I actually wore this... I just didn't feel like putting on tights just for the photo. It'd be nice if I could take photos on the days I actually wear outfits, but that never seems to be the case. Oh well! With all this cold weather and snow we've been getting lately, I thought it might be nice to reminisce back to a day when bare legs were still appropriate (also clearly pre-Christmas tree time!). Then again, it's supposed to be upwards of 60 degrees in Philadelphia this weekend, so maybe bare legs aren't that far off...


  1. That skirt is so cute! Great outfit. What? Lloyd isn't sitting in his favourite spot? LOL He is keeping his followers guessing for his grand appearance. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Thank you! He will be making an appearance tomorrow ;) I didn't realize it had been so long since his last one! Merry Christmas!


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