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Dressed Up Camouflage

sweater: Sleeping on Snow (Anthropologie) / dress: eShakti / boots: Nine West Vintage Collection

Every weekend Anthropologie has 'themes' that they encourage us to follow to showcase current items. We are by no means required to buy new items to follow the theme but it really does help us sell certain items if the customers can see us wearing what's currently on the hangers. A few weeks ago the theme was 'cozy sweaters', so I bought this sweater. Well, it certainly fit the theme; I want to curl up on the couch with a book and not move for hours whenever I put it on.

Also, I wasn't sure about the pairing of these boots with the dress, but Shawn and the in-store personal stylists assured me it looked cute. Hey, I'll take their word for it!


  1. That is an uber cute outfit, and the boots definitely fit!

  2. You're absolutely right, he might not let us!!

  3. Thanks! I seem to always doubt my choice in footwear.


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