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Art From Years Past

We woke up to softly falling snow this morning with a blinding whiteness covering everything in sight. (I should know better than to look straight out the window before my eyes have had time to adjust to the light...) With our plans for the day thwarted, yet again, (still no Christmas tree because the place wasn't open yesterday!) we stayed inside and made blueberry pancakes for breakfast and while Shawn worked on some new music I sifted through almost-ten-year-old files on my external hard drive. I came across lots of interesting AIM conversations with friends that I had saved for whatever reason, lots of photos from high school (mostly awful self portraits), and some of the graphic art I used to make.

It's been an incredibly long time since I've made graphics that haven't been logos/headers for the blog. Anything not involving text, really. I suppose I was a bit more creative back in the day. Here are a few of the more finished graphics I found. I clearly embraced that grunge and vectorized style from back then.

Ah, back when everyone was really into using brushes on Photoshop. Honestly, I think the primary reason I stopped doing things like this is because I haven't had a copy of Photoshop on my computer in years. I had built up quite the selection of brushes and after losing them all I lost interest in playing around with things like that.

What sorts of things would you find if you went through old files on your hard drive?


  1. On the Mac you will have the same things for $29. It is called Pixelmator...

  2. Yes I've been using Pixelmator and I like it, but I don't have all the brush packs and things I had downloaded for Photoshop over the years...


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