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A Whole Lotta Lloyd!

It recently occurred to me that it's been almost a month since I've done a post about Lloyd - my apologies! How did I go so long without posting photos of our beloved internet cat? Here's a dose of cuteness for your Monday!

I call that last photo Lloyd's 'Potato Head' pose, because from above, he looks like a giant potato with a cat head. He does it all the time... well, when he's not sprawled out in ridiculous positions. And three photos up you'll find Lloyd in his usual spot if I'm sitting at my desk. It seems that any time I have something to type up, he manages to make his way between me and the keyboard, often pressing keys in the process. The funny thing is, he doesn't do that to Shawn. He has completely different ways of making each of us get his attention. What a guy! I love that we have a kitty who likes to cuddle. Just last night he lay between the two of us and watched an entire movie with us! (The American, if you're wondering.) He's really a cat after our own hearts.


  1. I like that last photo. He's so cute and relaxed ...

  2. His little feet in that second to last picture are killing me! He's precious.

  3. He is very content! I think he's particularly happy to not be out in the cold this year. We're a happy little family :)


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