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A Very Merry Catmas

Lloyd was super spoiled this Christmas! A few days before the holiday we got a package from Kaylah, filled with toys and catnip for him, along with warm holiday wishes for the three of us (thanks again, Kaylah!!). Lloyd was all over the box as soon as I opened it, and he's been loving the little catnip-filled beaver she sent him. Then he got more toys on Christmas from Shawn's family, along with some new toys from us as well. By Christmas afternoon Lloyd was exhausted!

That photo doesn't even show all the toys he got... we've been keeping a lot of them stored away and pulling them out throughout the day so that he doesn't get over stimulated. He tends to play with one toy at a time, so doing it that way keeps him focused. Now we're thinking about getting him a cat tree soon, or just grabbing the one from my parents' house. We keep moving our furniture around, so he doesn't have many climbing options anymore... he'd probably love a cat tree!

Well, that's a little Lloyd update for your Sunday - enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. It's like our cat's christmas too, everyone gets them toys! And our cats were much more excited about their toys and stockings than our 6 month old niece haha

  2. It was nice to get such a variety of toys; our local pet store has a rather small selection. And your niece has plenty of time to get excited about toys! :)

  3. This just melts my heart. The Christmas every cat deserves! :)


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