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2013 in Review

Phew, what a year! It had its ups and downs but in the end I wouldn't trade any of the bad things for anything, because the good moments were so good. And I grew a lot this year; I really came into my own. I've always been a confident person but this year I made some pretty big decisions and I owned them. At the beginning of the year I had vowed to stay happy and not let things rock my boat, and I really think I accomplished that. There's no point in worrying and stressing about things when all you can really do is deal with them. I did a whole lot of dealing with things this year, and although I learned a lot in the process, I really hope 2014 doesn't throw quite so many obstacles my way. I really wouldn't mind taking it a little easier these next few months.

Some highlights of 2013:
- I became a real baker, working 4am shifts and making all the pastries to sell for the day.
- I traveled to Switzerland, Italy, and France!
- I kept up with my goal to read at least one book a month.
- I was a bridesmaid in my friend Christine's wedding.
- We moved back to Philadelphia!
- We adopted Lloyd! Probably one of the bigger highlights of the year.
- I started working at Anthropologie, and a few months later made the big decision to quit my job at the bakery.
- I chopped most of my hair off, and have kept it that way.
- I started blogging about my outfits.
- I made croissants from scratch!
- I met and hung out with another blogger!
- Oh, and, hmm. There's one more big highlight to the year...

We got married!!!

Shawn and I eloped in the Poconos on December 14th, 2013. We kept it a secret from everyone, including all of our friends and family, and sent out holiday cards as our announcement. It was a beautiful cold snowy day in the forest, full of love. We have lots of photos but I'm not allowed to post them yet because they're going to be featured on a wedding blog! They should be up in early January and then I'll have a huge post about the whole thing. I just couldn't leave that fairly large detail out of the year-in-review post!

So, yep, 2013 was a big year! I'm all for excitement, but here's hoping 2014 is a little lighter on the excitement front.


  1. I am so behind on your life, and I feel awful. I didn't even know you'd quit the bakery! I'm glad that this year has been such an adventure, though, and that so many good things have come from it.

  2. Woah, huge news! I got married this year also. Congratulations!!!

  3. Congratulations on your marriage, that's so exciting!

  4. What a great year, and congrats!!! Dah, I'm excited to see your pictures!

  5. Congrats!! All the best for a wonderful life together! :)

  6. wow congrats! Really sounds like a great year ending with a bang. I love hearing about secret elopements :)

  7. Thank you!! And I'm super excited to post them!

  8. Thank you! We really did tend the year with a bang :)

  9. Oh gosh I just realized that sounded a lot worse than I intended!


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