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Life Happens

I can't believe it's already November. The temperatures outside have dropped along with the leaves and the moon is fully out by 5:30pm. The holiday music has started playing in stores, and this morning at Anthropologie they were working on the holiday displays; there have been Christmas trees in the back room for a few days now. I actually really enjoy this time of year! A lot of people harp on the holidays, but once you get past the consumerism that masks the true nature of the season, you can see that most people are genuinely happier. There's something about being able to share moments with family and friends, and finding ways to keep the cold air at bay; the holidays bring us all just a little bit more together. I'm so excited to get another Christmas tree this year - our first Christmas with Lloyd! My apologies... lets make it to Thanksgiving at least before I start any more Christmas talk.

Watching: I've been having marathon couch sessions watching New Girl. I can't believe it took me so long to finally decide to watch it! Zooey is what drew me in, but now I'm captivated by all the other characters; her roommates are hilarious, and it's an incredibly silly show. I don't think I've laughed out loud this much at a show in a long time. Shawn and I have also been catching up on newer episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and I catch him watching Scrubs a lot, another favorite of mine. We've also watched a few episodes of My Cat From Hell... it makes us really thankful that Lloyd is such an awesome cat.

Listening: I've been watching/listening to TED talks as I come across them. There are so many brilliant people with ideas and philosophies that need to be heard! It gives me hope that good things can still happen in this crazy egotistical world that we live in, we just need to come together as people. There is so much hate and negativity and it's not doing anyone any good; I don't mean to sound like a 'hippie' but all the positive energy that does exist get soaked up in all the negativity... it's time for a change, man.

Reading: Haven't been doing as much reading lately; I'm so exhausted at night that I don't get more than a page or so in before I fall asleep. Most of my reading takes place during my lunch breaks at Anthropologie. I'm overdue for a B.Read List post though, so stay tuned for that tomorrow!

Offline: I've been trying to make the most of my free time. It's been about two months now that I've been on a schedule of working six days a week, 10-14 hours a day. Everyone told me it can only be done for so long and, well, they were right. The long days are starting to take their toll on me. Any time I do happen to have away from work, I'm usually exhausted, which puts me in a state of lethargy. I've been making a point of trying to do more than just sit around in front of the computer or tv though. There are plenty of projects to do, lots of new places to see! Don't get me wrong, I definitely relax as often as I can, and rightfully so, but I don't want to be beanbag all the time. So I'm working on that.

1. Shawn brought home some unlikely snacks from Trader Joe's. Tastes like Dunkaroos.
2. My boys relaxing together on a cold October afternoon :)
3. I bought some new boots last week and immediately thought, "Hm this is a Lloyd-sized box".
4. For my birthday Shawn stocked the fridge with some of my favorite beers. I love him.
5. I made homemade Twix using A Beautiful Mess' recipe.
6. The other day I rocked some pretty serious Bieber hair. It only took me a whole afternoon to realize it.


  1. Trader Joes is my ultimate weakness! They have so many yummy snacks in there. Also, New Girl is the BEST. Im so obsessed with that shoe, its ridiculous. I always feel like everyone can see a little bit of Jess within themselves. Also, TED taks are great! One of my best friends encouraged me to watch them and they have really inspired me!



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