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Last Week's Adventures

Last week was a well-traveled week! I had more afternoons off than usual so I made the best of it by putting an extra 169 miles on my car. On Monday I drove to Lititz, PA to meet up with Katherine of Of Corgis and Cocktails for lunch. We actually met while I was at work at Anthropologie a few weeks ago; I said hello and introduced myself and after chatting for a bit we made plans to get lunch sometime. We ate at Tomato Pie Cafe and it was delicious! On Thursday I drove to New Jersey to have brunch with a friend, get my hairs cut, and to pick up our christmas decorations from my parents' house. (Side note: I can't wait until we get our tree!!) And on Friday Shawn and I went to Doylestown, PA and had an awesome lunch at Maxwell's on Main; I had fried green tomatoes for the first time ever!

The Anthropologie holiday meeting/potluck was last Sunday and I made three different types of cookies to share: chocolate chip, double chocolate, and oatmeal raisin.

There were so many ducks in Lititz!

So many ducks. They just added to the charm of the cute little town though.

I met my sister's new dog for the first time. He wanted me to play with him but I only know how to play with cats!

The view from our seats at the bar at M.O.M.'s; delicious food and I got to try a beer I'd been curious about.

Got Lloyd a new toy the other day and he absolutely loves it! I think he thinks it's an animal... he actually steals it from us and runs away with it.

Also, I totally meant to write a Fun Finds Friday post last week but my concept of time was entirely off... on Friday night I mentioned to Shawn that I had to prep my FFF post for tomorrow and he said "Uh... tomorrow is Saturday, today is Friday." Oops! I really thought it was Thursday. Oh well, more for this week!


  1. I stumbled upon your blog when you adopted Lloyd and it's so funny to hear you talk about visiting MOMs. That's a frequent hang out of mine! Small world!


  2. Small world indeed! Philadelphia and all of its surrounding areas have so many neat little places to eat!


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