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Camouflage Safari

shirt: Gap / pants: Sanctuary (Anthropologie) / boots: Blowfish / glasses: Firmoo / necklace: Love Culture

This outfit is from two weeks ago, when it was still semi-warm out. I never ever thought I'd be the sort of girl to rock camo-print in any form, but I absolutely love the way these pants fit. Plus, the print isn't obnoxious, so I've been getting a good amount of wear out of them. It's just tough to figure out what to wear on top without keeping it too simple or over-doing it with the prints. Working at Anthropologie has really allowed me to expand my wardrobe with pieces I wouldn't even have previously considered.

My sister was supposed to come visit me today for a fun afternoon in the city but she's having car trouble, so it looks like I'm going to spend my afternoon at home instead. That's not so bad though, considering I have a ton of things I've been putting off doing and Mondays are my only day off every week... so here's to being productive today. Although I will admit, I was really looking forward to getting a drink and some delicious food and walking around downtown today, oh well! I'll spend the day with Lloyd instead.