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Calling All Philly-area Folk!

One of my coworkers at the bakery is looking for a loving home for this 6-month old female cat named Mittens (yes, despite the lack of mittens). Mittens was a stray rescued from the streets of northern Philadelphia. She's super cuddly and playful and gets along really well with other animals and people. My coworker can't keep her because her living situation is too small for all the animals she currently has, but she would really love to find a good home for Mittens.

Please let me know if you'd be interested in taking in this beautiful cat. I'd love to take her in but Shawn and I are a little concerned about the size of our space and also how she and Lloyd would get along. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask my blog readers though!


  1. Oh so sweet of you to help in looking for a home for Mittens. So cute. Too bad I am in Canada and my husband sneezes around cats. One day after my dogs have gone to "doggie heaven", I may be on the hunt for a hairless or a LaPerm. I LOVE cats! Best of luck to Mittens.


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