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What I Wore... Second Round!

shirt: Sonoma (Kohl's) / dress: eShakti / shoes: Gee Wawa (Anthropologie) / glasses: Tortoise & Blonde

I took these pictures about two weeks ago and looking at them now makes me realize it's about time for a hair cut again; it's not looking quite as cute as it was! That's my only complaint about the short hair... I need to keep up with it. I'm the sort of person that usually gets two hair cuts a year and that's it; well, not any more! I just need to find someone local that doesn't charge outrageous prices. I am not willing to spend $50+ for someone to cut off less than an inch of my hair. Too bad my usual hair dresser is all the way out in New Jersey...

This dress is amazing. You can't see much of it in this outfit, but here's what it looks like by itself. The fit is spot on, and I love that I can pull off wearing it as a skirt. I really want to order more custom dresses from eShakti.

Also worth noting, though completely unrelated to clothing, I've been learning how to make croissants at the bakery! Now I can officially say I've been trained in pretty much all aspects of French baking, aside from bread-making. The girl training me keeps telling me she's amazed at how fast I've picked it up. What can I say, it's in my blood! I'm really excited about this because I love learning new things and I absolutely love getting my hands dirty; give me blocks of butter and dough and I'm one happy girl. Don't worry though, I don't dress like this when I'm laminating and shaping croissant dough!