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My Foray into Fashion Blogging

Although I read a large amount of fashion blogs, I've never delved into it myself. This blog has always been more about daily life, food, and the occasional craft. It's not that I don't think about or appreciate fashion... to the contrary, my personal style has greatly evolved since my discovery of fashion blogs. I just never saw my style as something to post about, especially since I spend most of my time in chef pants and t-shirts for work and the occasions for me to really get dressed up are rare. Since I've started working at Anthropologie though, I've been able to get more creative with my outfits, and that's been fun! I've gotten at least one compliment on my outfit each shift I've worked, so it makes me feel pretty good! I've been documenting most of them on my phone, but I thought it might be nice to start taking some proper photos and sharing some of 'what I wore' with you!

I'm still new at this, so the photo quality is not great and I'm not comfortable enough to leave the confines of my own home for photos, but I promise to work on both of those things so that perhaps in due time my photos will be a little bit more interesting. In the meantime though, here's a taste of what I wore to work recently.

tunic: Left of Center (Anthropologie) / pants: Calvin Klein / boots: Nine West / glasses: Tortoise & Blonde / necklace: gift from Shawn

The tunic is a recent purchase from Anthropologie. I liked it so much I actually bought it in the dark grey color as well. (The one in the picture is wine colored, but you can't really tell with the lighting....) Anthropologie has quite a few lounge-style pieces currently that I'm really diggin', (like this, this, this, and this) but I'm trying not to spend my entire paycheck there since that would defeat the purpose of working there to begin with... but I can still look, right?


  1. A lovely outfit. It would be hard not to spend your entire pay check on the beautiful clothes that surround you each shift. This is why I would never work in a scrapbook shop or chocolate shop. I would owe money on payday. LOL


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