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Lloyd's Newest Spots

Lloyd's been rediscovering the apartment lately. Here are a few of the places we've found him hanging out:

His old spot in my closet was the laundry basket... but lately I've found him squeezed in amongst my shoes.

I brought home a bunch of coffee bags for sewing projects, and he's been thoroughly enjoying the pile.

He's so curious about the bathtub; he always goes in there to check it out after we shower.
He likes hanging out on top of the toilet too.

We were wondering when he would discover the bottom half of this styrofoam cooler...

LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!! I love it.


  1. Oh what a sweetie! He is exploring his new world!

  2. My cats love our shower. One of them sits right outside the door and the other sits on the toilet (I always close the lid for him) and they wait til I get out to run in. Weirdos

  3. yay lloyd!! Miss his little cutie hair! xx


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