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I made these!

For the past two weeks at the bakery I trained with their croissant maker so that I could take over making the croissants and danish for a few days while she went on vacation last week. Despite having worked at a French bakery for over a year prior and being pretty knowledgable about all other aspects of French pastries, I had never ever made croissants before. I was super excited to learn something new! I picked it up very fast and tried my best to make a consistent product; I am so proud of how everything turned out! Here's a look at what I made last week while she was away:

plain croissants (mini ones too!)

chocolate croissants

peaches & cream danish

artichoke & goat cheese croissants / ham & brie croissants

assorted danish: raisin, lemon, cheese, pear almond, raspberry, apple vanilla

I don't know when I'll get a chance to make croissants again in the near future, but it's a really useful skill to have in the pastry world and I'm very happy to have that knowledge now. Though, to be honest, I don't necessarily see myself doing them if I ever open up my own bakery... the equipment needed is very expensive and they are super time consuming to make! That's why most places hire one person to focus primarily on croissants.

Make sure you check back here tomorrow; I'll be doing a post about the process of making croissants from scratch, with lots of photos!


  1. You have finally embraced your French heritage! Yahoooooooo!


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