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Animal Prints (and birthdays!)

top: Loft / skirt: Liefsdottir (Anthropologie) / shoes: Gee Wawa (Anthropologie) / glasses: Tortoise & Blonde / rings: assorted places

It's my birthday today!!!

Celebrating birthdays when you're an adult kind of sucks; you don't get the day off and you don't live near most of your close friends anymore (at least in my case), and even if you do they certainly don't get the day off to celebrate with you. On the other hand, I really appreciate just having a day to myself to relax and enjoy. I'm working at the bakery early this morning but I requested off at Anthropologie so that I can enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Plus, Shawn's off today! So I requested we go apple/pumpkin picking at a nearby farm that also makes a few different types of hard cider. I'm really excited, but I think I may need to take a nap first... damn, I must be getting old.

I couldn't resist buying this skirt for myself as an early birthday gift last week; I saw it all alone on the sale rack, in my size, it was fate! I seem to have a thing for animal related clothing & jewelry... there's even an elephant in one of my ear lobes.


  1. Happy Birthday, Marine! :)

  2. Happy birthday! I love all of your rings. That elephant one! And you and are in the same boat - animal things, all of the time.

    Did you get the Crabby Granny? That was my least favorite, but the AngryMan (something man?) was okay. Oliver Winery makes the best/cutest cider if you can find it, they sell it in Maryland I think. It's called beanblossom.

  3. Thank you! That elephant ring is from a small shop in Pittsburgh; the legs and trunk move!

    We got the Early Man... I don't know much about cider, I'm definitely more of a beer girl, but I'm looking forward to tasting it! We have a friend in NJ who makes his own hard cider and he gave us a bit last year... it was amazing!

  4. Thank you!! I am definitely looking forward to it :)

  5. Happy birthday! Sounds like you've got a fun day planned, cider is always at the top of my list :)


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