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Acorns & Jeans

top: Maeve (Anthropologie) / jeans: Pilcro (Anthropologie) / boots: Clarks / glasses: Bulova / necklace: small jewelry store in France

A straight forward title, I like that. You can't really make it out from these photos but my shirt has little acorns all over it. Oh and it's clearly wrinkled; oh well, who has time to iron? I don't even own an iron, so that makes things slightly difficult.

I don't wear jeans very often anymore, mostly because I didn't own any that I was particularly fond of, and also because I've never found them particularly comfortable. But I recently bought two pairs from Anthropologie that may change my mind about all of that. This pair is super comfortable, and I don't need to wear a belt for once.

And I think that's it; I don't have much to say today. I had a rough weekend and have just been trying to recover. I think this whole 'working two jobs' thing is catching up to me. I've never really been one to function well on a lack of sleep. And working 12-14 hour days after a lack of sleep? Forget about it! It might be time to re-evaluate my priorities. (Sleep being pretty high up there on that list.) Here's to the start of a much more rested work week!


  1. if you own hair straighteners they work wonders as a quick iron haha. I don't iron either. Hope you have a better week than your rough weekend!

  2. I don't own a hair straightener because my hair is straight all on its own! But that's a good thing to know regardless. Thanks!


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