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Six weeks with Lloyd!

Lloyd has now been with us for just over six weeks! I thought it'd be nice to do a little update on his transition from stray to indoor cat. He has definitely gotten much more comfortable with being an indoor cat, and I'm pretty sure he loves having a family! Although he seemed to have adjusted quite well initially, I could tell that he had mixed feelings about being uprooted and thrown into his new situation. (Understandably so!) There were many times when he would loudly meow at the front door after one of us left the apartment - it's the only door he hasn't been able to go through on his own and he's clearly curious about what lies beyond it.

Now, obviously I can't speak for Lloyd but I'm sure it's been slightly difficult for him to adjust from seeing lots of different people on a regular basis to seeing just the two of us most of the time. Anytime we've had friends or family over he's made sure to make himself the center of attention. And his two-pound weight gain since we've had him makes it abundantly clear that he loves having a steady food supply. Outside of meal-time, he spent the first few weeks hiding out under our bed or in my closet for most of the day, but lately he's been spending much more time out in the open with us.

His favorite spots haven't changed much - he still loves to lay in the window sills and listen to the birds and people outside. Lately he's also been spending a lot of time laying on top of the shelving unit between our desks. I showed him that it was ok for him to lay on my desk, so he's been using it as a route to the shelving unit ever since!

Needless to say, having Lloyd here has been such an awesome change! I still can't get over how cute he is (and he makes sure we don't forget it!). Also, being woken up by a cat is one of the best things ever. He's such a mellow cat and he's been the perfect fit for us. It may sound crazy, but Shawn and I have been saying that the three of us must have been best friends in a past life and we've all finally found each other again in this one... there's no other explanation for how much happiness we've all brought each other, and how well we all 'fit' together. I'm so happy Kaylah and I were able to get together and change this little guy's life- and ours!

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  1. It must have been a big adjustment for him but he is clearly thriving! He looks so happy and it is nice to see that the scratches on his nose are cleared up. No more fighting for LLoyd just happy times. You and Kaylah are gems for caring so deeply for this little sweetie. He is one lucky little guy.

  2. He's such a silly sleeper!


  3. Shell (Kitty & Buck)September 10, 2013 at 6:51 AM

    He looks so much healthier, I'm so glad you all found each other too :)

  4. He really is! It makes me laugh every day :)

  5. Thanks :) No more scratches from fights for Lloyd!


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