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Lloyd Goes Outdoors

Well, hello there! I had every intention of posting this last week but between my bakery job and starting work at Anthropologie, well, lets just say I'm still trying to figure out how to balance everything I've made a commitment to recently. This blog was pushed to the side burner and I was only able to squeeze out one measly post about my new haircut. (Which I am still loving, by the way!) Anyways, here is a much awaited Lloyd post, since I know he's the real reason everyone comes back to read the blog! :)

When Shawn and I met up with Kaylah to meet Lloyd for the first time, she picked up a harness for him beforehand to make the whole experience a little easier for us. (Carrying a scared cat in your arms around a parking lot seemed like a possibly dangerous idea, so good thinking on her part!) We never used it after that first encounter, but with Lloyd becoming increasingly interested in the world that went on outside of our apartment, I thought it might not be a bad idea to get him back into it and take him outside for a bit. So two weeks ago Lloyd got to experience the Pennsylvania outdoors for the first time! Well, the Philadelphia suburbs, I should say.

He was a little hesitant at first, understandably so. But after a few minutes he started sniffing around and grew a little more comfortable. Once he discovered the grassy area behind our apartment he was completely relaxed. He lay down and started tasting all of the grass around him. After a few minutes I realized he had no intention of going anywhere so I sat down next to him and just watched him enjoy the outdoors. A few of our neighbors passed us while we were out there and gave us funny looks. One older woman parked her car nearby and exclaimed "Oh my! Well I've never seen that before!" We started conversing and she mentioned that she had some toys left over from when she had taken care of her daughter's cat and offered to leave them in a bag outside of her apartment door for me. She described them as 'sparkly balls that you can't find anymore'; Lloyd loves balls so I figured a few more couldn't hurt.

When I saw her later that day, this time without Lloyd, she asked me where my 'little friend' was. "Oh, he's back inside." "Ah, well someone has to watch over the house while you go out and work!" That's Lloyd for ya, charming people left and right! Poor little guy was so tired after his excursion outside, he spent the rest of the day sprawled out in his silly sleeping positions.

He was so full of love for the rest of the day, brushing up against me and cuddling every chance he could - I think he really appreciated getting to go outside for a little bit. Maybe we'll do it again today!


  1. Aww, I love reading these little updates on Lloyd. He definitely is a charmer, even through pictures~

  2. I love reading about Lloyd. He's such a little darling. And I think my cats would adore those balls. At the moment they're obsessed with foil balls, I don't know if it's the shininess?
    Anna x

  3. Lloyd looks so happy outside again. That is a really smart way to let him enjoy some grass and yet not run off on you. My sister has a cat who used to be outdoors but now can't because of condo rules. She does the same thing and leashes him to enjoy the backyard. So kind of your neighbour to pass on such amazing entertainment for Lloyd. He does have a way of creeping into the hearts of all. ;) Your new haircut looks terrific and congrats on your new job! Looks like it would be an amazing spot to work at. Not sure we have that here in Canada. I'll have to ask my daughters.

  4. He's such a cute sleeper!


  5. Thank you! Anthropologie is an awesome company to work for; I don't think they have any stores in Canada, but they do ship to Canada! (It's a little pricey, but I suppose that's to be expected!) The quality and selection is so nice though.

  6. Lloyd loves balls with bells inside... I have to be careful which ones I buy because he just tears away at them until he gets to the bell! Anything with catnip in it is a huge hit too :)

  7. My girls love catnip toys as well. And if we put fresh catnip down on the rug they fight over who gets to roll around in it. They also love those toys that look sort of like a fishing rod - they're usually something fluffy attached to a stick by elasticated thread so you can dangle it for them. The only problem is that one of my cats is obsessed with chewing through the elastic and running off with the toy.


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