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Fun Finds Friday #34

I am really diggin' Elizabeth's kitchen makeover... I love all the blackboard accents!

Gotta try this 15 minute avocado pasta.

I need this Anthropologie sweater.

This origami wall hanging is so cool! I want to make one.

+ The perfect nap.
+ 13 things found on the internet.
+ Sad desk lunch is sad.
+ The real night light.

Happy Friday!

Lloyd Goes Outdoors

Well, hello there! I had every intention of posting this last week but between my bakery job and starting work at Anthropologie, well, lets just say I'm still trying to figure out how to balance everything I've made a commitment to recently. This blog was pushed to the side burner and I was only able to squeeze out one measly post about my new haircut. (Which I am still loving, by the way!) Anyways, here is a much awaited Lloyd post, since I know he's the real reason everyone comes back to read the blog! :)

When Shawn and I met up with Kaylah to meet Lloyd for the first time, she picked up a harness for him beforehand to make the whole experience a little easier for us. (Carrying a scared cat in your arms around a parking lot seemed like a possibly dangerous idea, so good thinking on her part!) We never used it after that first encounter, but with Lloyd becoming increasingly interested in the world that went on outside of our apartment, I thought it might not be a bad idea…

Snip Snippity Snip

I never seem to pick the right time of year to cut my hair... I always cut it short when the cold weather sets in and let it grow when the heat makes me want to keep it off of my neck. True to form, this past Sunday I went for a pretty drastic change. I had been debating letting my hair get really long again (the last time it was really long was five years ago!) but after bleaching the ends in January and then dying it turquoise, then auburn after that... well, lets just say that my hair wasn't necessarily in the best of states to grow out and the color at my tips was a little... off. So I decided to cut it all instead and start with a clean slate.

See? I wasn't kidding about cutting it all off. This is the shortest I've ever gone and I love it. I've been considering a pixie style for years and finally decided to go for it. It's just hair, right? It grows back. Especially my hair... it's like a freakin' weed, it grows so fast. I dyed it auburn maybe three w…

Lets' Talk About Work For a Minute...

I recently applied for a few part-time jobs- partly to help sustain my income from baking, and partly out of curiosity and a desire to do something new. I've been working in kitchens for the last five years and though I really do love making sweet things most of the time, I was excited at the thought of expanding my knowledge and interests in other areas. The last time I had any sort of retail experience was over seven years ago, but I went out on a limb and applied anyway... I was confident that my enthusiasm for the stores and products would be enough get my foot in the door. And I was right! I heard back from almost everywhere I applied to, went to a bunch of interviews over the course of three weeks, and got a job offer last week!

Say hello to Anthropologie's newest hire! :) (Hi! That's me!!!)
I was super excited when they called me in for an interview with the hiring manager, and slightly nervous too because it was a group interview and I wasn't sure what to expec…

Phantom Kiss

Fair warning- you're about to enter 'spooky' territory. Now, while Shawn is a big believer in the supernatural (I think he has watched The X-Files too many times...), it's fair to say that while I'm certainly not a non-believer, I'm not as in tune with supernatural occurrences as he seems to me. Though, ghosts and aliens aside, I definitely believe that strange and unexplainable things do sometimes occur. In fact, we recently had proof of this.

On Thursday I came home from work and Shawn asked me if I had hidden any Hershey's Kisses around the apartment. As you can imagine, this was quite a baffling question as it seemed to have come out of thin air. Of course I hadn't hidden any Kisses anywhere... I couldn't even remember the last time I bought Hershey's Kisses! They are just not my chocolate of choice. Why would he ask me such a preposterous question?!

Well, apparently when he opened up one of our kitchen cabinets that morning he found this:


Fun Finds Friday #33

Towering metallic men in Taiwan.

Winter coats made from blankets!

Friendship between a girl and her cat.

+ Lessons from an African tribe.
+ The new Miss America.

Happy Friday!

Whimsey Box Projects

If you're new to the blog, you may or may not have heard of Whimsey Box; it's a subscription service that mails you a box with a different DIY project each month. My parents bought me a year subscription for Christmas last year, and I've been enjoying it ever since! I was hoping it would help spark some of my creativity outside of the kitchen... truth be told though, that hasn't really been the case. But! I've been having fun doing the different Whimsey projects each month and I always look forward to my next box. They always send you something extra too, like tools or washi tape, and you can repurpose the boxes once you've finished the crafts!

Here are a few of the projects I've done over the last few months:

The latest box showed you how to make a funky beaded cord bracelet. Lucky for me, the cord they sent me matches perfectly with some existing bracelets I had! This one was particularly fun because I could work on it while catching up on some Netflix sh…

Six weeks with Lloyd!

Lloyd has now been with us for just over six weeks! I thought it'd be nice to do a little update on his transition from stray to indoor cat. He has definitely gotten much more comfortable with being an indoor cat, and I'm pretty sure he loves having a family! Although he seemed to have adjusted quite well initially, I could tell that he had mixed feelings about being uprooted and thrown into his new situation. (Understandably so!) There were many times when he would loudly meow at the front door after one of us left the apartment - it's the only door he hasn't been able to go through on his own and he's clearly curious about what lies beyond it.

Now, obviously I can't speak for Lloyd but I'm sure it's been slightly difficult for him to adjust from seeing lots of different people on a regular basis to seeing just the two of us most of the time. Anytime we've had friends or family over he's made sure to make himself the center of attention. And hi…

Fun Finds Friday #32

Oh hey- it's Friday! This whole week has felt 'off', so I almost forgot!

A mother/daughter art collaboration.

The most beautiful garden house!

An artist is making a map of NYC entirely out of hand-written directions.

+ The beautifully written story of a 7-year marriage.
+ A mid-century modern hoarder house, transformed.

Summer Saturday in Philadelphia

Last Saturday my friend Amy came over to see our new apartment, meet Lloyd, and spend a much anticipated day in center city with me. Despite having lived in the area for two years prior, and currently living within short walking distance to the train station, Shawn and I haven't made it into center city very often. It's something I'd like to do on a more regular basis, since we have no excuse not to! I have a long list of restaurants I've been wanting to eat at and I knew Amy would be the perfect companion for a 'foodie/boozy' Philly day-trip. So I made a list and mapped out a bunch of potential stops and we took the twenty minute train ride to Suburban Station.

Our first stop was Tria; we had both been there at least once before, but it's one of those places I just have to stop at if I'm nearby. Tria is a beer-wine-cheese cafe... yes, they specialize in all three of those things, along with having an amazing light-fare menu. We each ordered a beer and …

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

We should all take a cue from Lloyd this weekend; settle down, relax, and if you're lucky enough, enjoy a little time off.

I know that's what I'll be doing! (Just, not in the laundry basket...)