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The Many Sleeping Positions of Lloyd

The Dream Trotter

The Mr. Burns

The Dead Cat

The Kangaroo

The Three-Legged Cat

and my personal favorite...

The Super Cat


  1. Aw, he's suuuuch a cutie

  2. I love this. I am so happy to see that Lloyd has found his forever home with you. You both obviously love and adore him.

    I've been "following" lovely Lloyd over at TDSquid, and I have to say that I was appalled that Kaylah chose to feed and interact with this beautiful cat, yet would not allow him into her home, even in the dead of winter. I don't know why someone would treat a sweet soul like that, and it made me really angry that he basically lived on her deck, while she took photos of him. That is no life for a cat, and I was so relieved to find out that someone was taking him in.

    Lloyd is very lucky to be living with you, thank you for truly making him a part of your family.

  3. Patricia. Oh. Yikes. It's really sad when people feel like they know
    they whole story of something. Just because something isn't explicitly
    mentioned doesn't mean it wasn't happening. Lloyd was free to go inside
    my WARM garage and was a frequent visitor inside my neighbors home. I
    chose to never allow him in my house because I have four strictly indoor
    cats. I don't know what Lloyd had (fleas, worms, some sort of
    transmittable disease, etc) that he could have given to my cats and I
    wasn't willing to risk their safety. Of course, I could have taken him
    to the vet but if I did that then I'd have to take the other strays too
    or else it wouldn't be fair. Sadly enough, I'm not rich and can't afford
    to take 10+ cats to the vet to get treated. I feel I did the best I
    could for Lloyd in his time with me and for you to say that what I did
    was "appalling" is down right offensive.

    Sorry to get up on a soapbox on your blog, Marine, but to basically downplay my interactions with Lloyd to just taking photos of him is

    Thanks so much for sharing pictures of him all the time. He's the cutest little dude!! I'm so happy he's fitting in. :D

  4. I'm so glad to see Lloyd on your blog!! When Kaylah said she found a home for Lloyd I was happy for him but a little sad for myself, because I thought I would never see him again. So thank you both, Marine and Kaylah for the GREAT JOB you did for this little guy. I don't know how I am so fond of this cat, maybe because he looks a little like my own kitty. It's so good to have Lloyd updates!

  5. My kitties sleep in similar positions! They're just so darn cute!


  6. He's so cute! There is nothing cuter than a sleeping kitty!

  7. Um I absolutely LOVE that you named your cat's sleeping positions!!!

  8. Kaylah. Oh. Yikes. Down right offensive? Everything about your consumer-driven, narcissistic, juvenile lifestyle is offensive to me. I know, crazy right?!?! To each his own.

  9. Ladies, I'd really rather not get involved, but can I ask that we please keep things positive on the blog? There's no need for attacks, accusations, or defenses. We're all human, and we all interpret things in our own way, so let's please just leave it at that.

  10. Hehe it just felt like they needed to be named!

  11. And I'm happy to update all the Lloyd-fans out there :) Really though, he's just too irresistible... I was going to take lots of photos of him regardless!


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