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R.I.P. Mushu

One of my family's 15-year old cats passed away this morning... after living a long and happy life, filled with love, adventure, and lots of friends (along with a few foes, as well). He was always keen on bringing us gifts of the feathered or furry variety; a natural hunter, that Mushu. We named him Mushu after the dragon character in Disney's Mulan, because of his 'asian eyes'. (Thank you, my ten year old self.) He loved to play tricks on people, often attacking when you least expected it. But he was always there for cuddles when you needed him. Although it was unexpected, I'm comforted in knowing that at least he went peacefully.

We love you, Mushu. You are missed.


  1. R.I.P. Mushu. It's great that he was able to live a good life in a loving household. :)

  2. Thank you! He was indeed a very happy cat :)

  3. He looks like such a sweetheart. I'm sorry for your loss!


  4. Thank you! He was a total sweetheart.


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