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Lounging Lloyd

Lloyd has been with us for a little over a week now, and he has taken to exploring more and more each day. You can still find him in the kitchen if we're in there though; he loves to weave between our legs whenever we're cooking something. But his favorite spots in the apartment are our large window sills in the living room, and the top of the bookcase that's between them. He sits in the window sill and watches the birds and people that walk by in our back parking lot. (And the trains, as you can see in this first photo!)

What a cutie pie! He recently discovered that he can get onto my desk from the window sill, but he has only tried it once. I hope he lays down next to my keyboard one of these days though... I'd love that! He's also loving all the plants we have around the apartment, although he has already knocked one over, along with some of our gnomes. And one of these days I'll get a proper video of the 'bag game' that we like to play with him. It basically involves us putting all of his toys inside a paper bag and watching him 'hunt' for them. He has a grand old time playing it! He also got to meet some new people last week; one of Shawn's friends came by to say hello and some of my family was here yesterday. My dad kept Lloyd entertained making mouse and bird noises at him... the little guy didn't know what to do with himself!

We're taking him to the vet later today, to make sure he's healthy and to get him up to date on all his shots... and we'll finally find out how old he is! The running guess is anywhere between 2 and 4 years old. I'll share more about all of this later in the week!


  1. Congratulations on the adoption of Lloyd! :) I've just jumped from the Dainty Squid post. He has adapted really well, you can tell from the pictures :) He is such a cutie.

    The cat, you and us

  2. Hi, Just traveled over from Dainty Squid as well.. It was so kind of ya'll to take in Lloyd and I am excited to read about his adjustments and new adventures!!

  3. I'm so excited to see Lloyd! Such lovely pictures. I'm a Dainty Squid follower too :) Can't wait to read more updates about that sweet boy!

  4. I'm so excited for Lloyd! I came over from Kaylah's as well and this just made my day! Thanks for giving him a lovely new home!

  5. Lucky Lloyd. : )

    His nose looks sore. Hopefully just a fight but > white zinc cream for pink noses. Cats (and dogs) get skin cancer too.

    1. Apparently he got into a fight before we met him, and has been recovering for a few weeks. His nose is already looking so much better now though! Thank you for the concern :)

  6. Very nice of you to adopt him. Philadelphia is such a great city! I'm now following your blog on a regular basis.


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