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Lloyd post-surgery

On Monday Lloyd spent most of the day at the veterinarian's office to get neutered. Poor guy; he was super reluctant to get into the cat carrier in the morning... you should have seen his eyes when I first pulled it out of hiding - it was clear that he was not going to make it easy for us. After Shawn and I wrestled him into the carrier though he was fine. He's been very calm at each of his vet visits; more curious than anything. I dropped him off at 8:30am and waited all morning to hear back about how the surgery went. At 2:30pm the nurse finally called me to let me know that he was doing great, he was sleeping soundly, and that everyone at the vet's office loved him, he was such a sweetheart. That made me very happy to hear!

I picked him up at 5pm (when I said I was there to pick up Lloyd the receptionist said, "Oh, Lllllooooooyyyyyd!" in such a cheerful way; the ladies just love him!) they gave me instructions to let him re-acclimate himself for an hour before feeding him, and that he might try to hide for the next two days but that's alright. They said he might also be a little 'out-of-it' for a while because of the anesthesia, but that's normal and just keep an eye on him for the next few days. Well, Lloyd is quite the trooper! He spent about fifteen minutes wobbling around the apartment and collecting his bearings before he was back to somewhat resembling his usual self. Half an hour after getting home he was already begging for food, and actually scratched my leg up pretty badly because I wasn't feeding him! So I gave in and he gobbled up his tuna dinner before passing out in silly positions all over the apartment. Every once in a while he'd wake up and lay next to me on the couch, and I even caught him playing with his toys a few times too! He hid most of yesterday morning but otherwise he's been in tip-top shape!

Here are a few photos I snapped of him on my phone on Monday; they're a little grainy because it was dark in the apartment, but they show how silly he was that day.

What a guy!

P.S. He's also put on 1.4 pounds since his last vet visit! I swear we're not feeding him too much!


  1. Glad to here he's doing well. When I got my cat Eli neutered he came home, slept under the bed for hours, got up to gorge himself on food, and then went back to sleep until the next day xD

  2. Happy to hear that Lloyd is doing well. :) I have been following him on The Dainty Squid since last year and was so happy to see that he has found his forever home! He is a gem. Lovely of you to give him a home.

  3. That photo of him sleeping next to the bread is so darling! What a sweetie! I'm happy Lloyd's doing well. Happy recovery!


  4. Lloyd! <3

    I adore the blog! I followed Lloyd
    to get here (albeit a little slowly....). Keep up the beautiful posts! I
    will be a follower if I can ever figure out how to subscribe.... :)

  5. Subscribing is easy! Here's a link that lets you subscribe to the popular readers: ...Personally I prefer to use Feedly, and they make subscribing easy - just search for blogs by url! Same thing holds true if you use Bloglovin'. :) And thank you for the kind comments!

  6. Funny thing about that bread... they're actually toast coasters! They're made of cork, but that didn't stop Lloyd from trying to nibble on them while he was up there.


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