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Farmer's Market & Basket Finds

It's been a while since my last farmer's market post, but I've been going to one of the local markets every Wednesday afternoon. I pretty much buy the same things every week: green and yellow squash, red and green peppers, tomatoes, white peaches, and blueberries. Local produce tastes so sweet!

The baskets are from Joanne Fabrics; I was there a few days ago to get some fabric for a sewing project and I happened upon a bunch of these colorful baskets in the super sale section. I thought they'd be nice to organize our fruits and vegetables, along with various things in our fridge. They've been working out quite nicely so far, and it cost me less than $5 for 7 baskets! Affordable storage is always right up my alley, especially when it's storing colorful and delicious fruit and vegetables from local farms.