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Changes up in Hair

Lately my hair has been looking grown-out and funky-colored. And by funky I don't mean in a good way... the teal faded to a gross green color and I quickly grew tired of the multi-colored hair I'd been sporting since originally bleaching the ends back in January. It was time for a change! Getting a haircut is tricky for the time being since I'm reluctant to switch hairdressers and I'd have to travel all the way back to New Jersey to see my usual guy, so I went for a different color instead.

Aside from bleaching the tips earlier this year, I hadn't dyed my hair in probably about seven years! Back in high school I used to sport red/auburn hair all the time. And I dyed it black once, but that just made me look even paler than my already pale self. But I was reading about the best way to get the blue/green color out of hair and it was suggested that red would help counteract those colors, so back to red I went! I opted for a brownish-auburn and I absolutely love the way it turned out! Unfortunately, I only have overly-lit bathroom mirror photos to show you.

For reference, this is what my hair looked like at the beginning of July, when I originally dyed it (this is post-bridesmaid hair, hence the insane fluffiness!):

I loved that color while it lasted, but it grew old fast. After my hair grew out, the line where the colors met just accentuated my chin and I found myself wearing my hair up all the time. (Which Shawn loves, by the way, but I love letting my hair down!) The auburn is a nice change but I'm still sporting multi-colored hair... see, I didn't consider the fact that my natural hair and the bleached hair would take color differently (it seems pretty silly of me to have overlooked that fact), so the top of my hair has beautiful red tones while the ends of my hair are more brown than red. And there's still a little blue-green in there but it's more of a tint than actual color now. Hopefully I can get a haircut soon - that's next on the list!