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Wedding Prep Snapshots

Shawn and I spent the past two days in Spring Lake for our friends Christine and Sean's wedding. I was one of her bridesmaids and I've been in tune with all of the planning since day one, so it was fun to finally see it all come to fruition. They were both incredibly calm the day of the wedding, and for once time didn't seem to fly by as it always does; the day seemed to go on forever - in a good way, of course! The ceremony was short and sweet, the signature cocktail was absolutely delicious, and the reception was a frenzy of dancing, smiles, and laughter - it's not difficult to say that an amazing time was had by all. Being a bridesmaid was a new and exciting, at times anxious, experience for me and I'm so happy that Christine decided to include me in their wonder-filled day!

Here are a few photos taken with my phone while we were all prepping for the big event:

1. It was my first time ever getting a manicure and pedicure; I felt so out of my comfort zone but after two days it has kind of grown on me! 2. Christine made each of us Bridesmaid Survival Bags, filled with lots of fun little things; what a lovely idea!! 3. Snapped a photo after getting my hair and makeup done; the hair wasn't what I originally wanted but it all turned out well regardless. 4. Post-wedding hairdo craziness; the wedding colors were black, silver, and teal, so I went all out and dyed the tips of my hair teal!

There was a photo booth at the reception that included the props that I gifted them for their engagement :)

I didn't take any photos during the wedding because I was too busy being part of it!
I am waiting anxiously to see the photographer's amazing photos!!!