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Sneak Peek of Our New Apartment

On Saturday, with the help of family and friends, we moved into our new apartment a few miles outside of center city Philadelphia. After running into a bit of trouble with our Uhaul reservation, we decided to cancel it and borrowed one of my friend's parents' trailers instead. That actually worked out perfectly because we were able to load it all up the night before, and had everything unloaded by noon the next day! Then began the daunting task of unpacking and figuring out where all of the furniture should go... after a few trips to IKEA for some essentials and a few new furniture items, our place is looking way more put together and finally starting to feel like home!

Here's a sneak peek of the new place, living room and bedroom excluded because they are still a work in progress. Once we get some artwork up on the walls and I grab a few more things from my parents' house, I'll show you what those two rooms look like too!

Didn't feel moved in until I got my desk area set up.

The kitchen is so much nicer than at our last apartment.
There's a washer and dryer hiding back there too!
I'm having a hard time with the electric stove though...

I'm lovin' our new shower curtain (from IKEA!).

Our Asian inspired hallway decorations.

And a few detail shots...

We feel so good being back out here! I've been back at work since Monday- getting the kitchen ready, doing inventory, and transitioning back into my old baking ways. I even tried my hands at a little gluten-free baking today, since people have been requesting it. It's not fun having to drive to work this time around, but it's really great to be within walking distance of a bunch of convenient places like: Trader Joes, an indoor farmer's market, CVS, and a ton of different restaurants, pizzerias, & bars.

Oh! But hands down the best part about moving? We're getting a cat!!!! I contacted another blogger about taking in a very friendly stray cat that visits her, and we're going to be picking him up sometime at the end of the month. Shawn and I are super-dee-duper excited! We can't wait to meet our new family member. After spending this past year taking care of my parents' cats (my sister is taking over for us, by the way), the apartment just feels empty without some kitties lounging around. We can't wait!