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Life Lately

We're almost done getting the apartment looking 'finished'. (Except, anyone who knows us knows that's never the case, since we're constantly moving things around...) Other than that, I'm busy at work most mornings and since Shawn is still job-hunting, we have the afternoons to ourselves. It's been nice spending time together since when we were living in New Jersey we worked opposite schedules and rarely saw each other, despite living together. Here are some photos from my phone that show a little bit of what we've been up to lately:

1. I finally completed my latest whimsey box project that I was so excited about!
2. We're getting the apartment set up for Lloyd's arrival on Saturday! So exciting- we can't wait to meet the little guy!
3. Back to work means back to making pies on a regular basis. (It's a skill you just don't lose.)
4. It also means getting to work at 4am to bake off muffins and scones for the downtown location. Worth it.
5. Last week we got to see Ben Folds Five, Guster, and The Barenaked Ladies from the lawn at The Mann Center!
6. Farmer's market love. I'll be sad when blueberries are no longer in season.
7. My new toy! The boss-man got me a food processor. So exciting!
8. And I also got a white board. You understand the importance of this if you've ever worked in a kitchen.

Life is good.