Friday, July 19

Fun Finds Friday #27

No photos this week, just links to interesting articles I've read recently!

Parties we should have instead of weddings - Shawn and I have entered that stage in our lives where the wedding invitations start arriving in swarms. We've already been to two weddings this year, with a third one in October, and I foresee going to at least two more next year. And although the weddings we've been to have been a lot of fun, this article seems to properly sum up both our attitudes on weddings and showers in general.

Martha Stewart doesn't give a damn - I read her book earlier this year and loved it. Martha Stewart doesn't take shit from anyone. She's the human honey badger, and I bet she wakes up to this song every morning. It's her anthem, at the very least.

The pros and cons of culinary education - If you have ever considered going to culinary school, I highly recommend reading this article. I went the non-culinary school route and I still believe that was the right choice for me. The first pastry chef I worked with said it best, "Save yourself the $45,000 and learn the most you can in a real kitchen; you'll have to start from the bottom regardless of whether or not you go to school."

Ten things most Americans don't know about America - A lot of these things didn't surprise me, but I have noticed this attitude in many of the people I encounter daily. It's nice to take a step back sometimes and really see things as they are, especially if you've never actually encountered other cultures. People need to open their eyes.

Getting drunk in Antarctica - Forget what you've heard about Antarctica; here's an inside look at what it's like to work through an Antartica winter. (Hint: there's quite a bit of drinking going on)


Also, for anyone who follows Pictures & Paragraphs in a feed reader, you may not have noticed the recent blog design switch. I thought it'd be nice to switch things up around here with all the recent changes we've made in our 'real' life. So I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do! I also changed the about me page.

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