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Farmer's Market Friday

No fun finds post this week, instead I bring you today's farmer's market buys. Since we are moving in two weeks, I realized this may be the last time I visit this particular farmer's market. Not that there aren't awesome markets in the Philadelphia area, but there's just something nice about going to an actual farm for your fruits and vegetables... it's the closest you can get to local without growing your own. One day I'd love to have my very own garden (or greenhouse!), but until then, farmer's markets are the next best thing.

The donuts are 99cents a piece or $3.99 for six... how many do you think I got? :) And the bread was a splurge in the gastronomic sense as well; I LOVE BREAD. Artisan bread, I should say. Bring me a loaf and I will eat it.... probably mostly in one sitting. And this is why we don't keep things like that around the house very often. But with my strawberry rhubarb jam in the refrigerator, I just had to splurge on a little handcrafted bread. And oh man, I so cannot wait to grill that corn up!