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Memorial Day Weekend

I don't usually make a big deal out of 'holidays' like Memorial Day, but this year my Memorial Day weekend was fairly eventful. On Thursday my parents flew into town, so I had already planned to take a few days off to spend with them.

The biggest event of the weekend was on Saturday, when I got to see my childhood best friend, Kelly, get married to her high school sweetheart; they've been together eight years, so it was about time! Shawn had to work, unfortunately, so he missed the sweet ceremony, her beautiful lace dress, and the fun reception. It was the best wedding I have ever been to, hands down. I almost cried during the ceremony - it was so beautiful and heartfelt, and so very them! Kelly, her husband Mike, and both of their families are a fun bunch, so I fully expected to have a good time, and I was proven correct. The food at the reception was also delicious, which was unexpected (Come on, I'm a total 'foodie'...) and a really nice surprise.

Her dress was so gorgeous!!!

The rest of the weekend was just as much fun. On Sunday my family and I drove up to the Woodbury Outlets in New York and tried to hit up all the stores we wanted before the place got overly crowded. Memorial Day sales were amazing. My favorite place to go when we go up there is Lucky Brand - I find something every single time. This time around I actually managed not to spend a ton of money, but still got some nice things.

Gratuitous selfie: new Lucky Brand shirt - my Memorial Day attire.

On Monday Shawn and I drove out to Bethelhem, Pennsylvania for a community BBQ and a free(!) Wailers concert at the Sands Event Center. The bbq sandwiches were mouthwatering; too bad the place that made them is two hours away from where we live. And the concert was awesome, of course. Shawn has seen The Wailers four times before, but it was my first time. They were jammin', and the venue was great - huge but not at all crowded.

The only decent photo I could get of The Wailers; damn those lights!

All in all, a very fun Memorial Day weekend.