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L'Ecole NYC

On Tuesday my mother, sister and I took the train into NYC for a little shopping excursion. While there, I treated them both to lunch at L'Ecole, the French Culinary Institute International Culinary Center's student-run restaurant. (I still owed my mom a Mother's Day gift, and my sister a 21st-birthday gift, and a tasty meal is exactly what I had in mind for both.) My mother and I had eaten there back in 2008 when I was looking at culinary schools; we both recalled it being a fun experience the first time, and it certainly did not disappoint this time either!

A blackberry mint bourbon cocktail; and complimentary appetizer.

My appetizer: chilled asparagus salad with manchego cheese, marcona almonds, chorizo vinaigrette, and pan tomate

My mom and sister's appetizers: crab stuffed zucchini flowers with a shellfish and saffron emulsion, and cherry tomatoes

My entree: ginger-glazed mahi mahi with spring pea puree and five spice potato croquettes

My sister's entree: horseradish-dill trout with curried mussel broth and baby bok choy

My mom's entree: spice rubbed leg of lamb with olive orzo and fennel orange salad

Oddly enough, I didn't even think to take photos of our desserts; I remembered after the fact. But the only one that was really worth noting was my mom's dessert: a dark chocolate tart with caramelized bananas and coconut sorbet. Another fun thing to note is that we were sitting one table away from Chef Jacques Torres! I didn't bother him, since he appeared to be having a meeting with a few other teachers at the school. But it certainly made me crave some chocolate!

Overall, an insanely satisfying meal. Well done, students, well done.