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Switzerland, France, & Italy

I recently spent ten days visiting my family in Switzerland. While there, we also took a weekend trip to Venice, and drove into France to visit both of my grandparents. The trip was filled with lots of driving, lots of walking, lots of cheese and delicious food, a little bit of hiking, and a whole lot of family love. (Aw, forgive me for being sappy.) I was blessed with beautiful weather the entire time I was there. (In fact, I packed for colder weather and in turn, didn't end up wearing half of what I brought with me.) We did quite a bit of traveling in a short amount of time, but I got to see so many neat things and explore new places! I definitely want to go back to Venice for a longer stay, and I'd love to see more of Switzerland. Here are a few photos from my trip.




Everything was so beautiful!

Fun Finds Friday #23

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.
(Stay tuned for photos from my trip tomorrow!)

Things Organized Neatly; my desk often looks like this.

Growing Cabinet; seems very useful! Yay for versatile furniture.

Living Wall; cool/creepy art by Nikita Nomerz.

Bicycle Bar Cart; anyone up for a picnic? :)

Graphic Designer Dad; has been illustrating his kids' lunch bags since 2008!

+ What does 2000 calories look like? (Also check out 200 calories.)

Happy Friday!!

Fun Finds Friday #22

A different take on pencil holders.

Amazing set of hiking photos taken in Patagonia; the Earth is a beautiful place.

An awesome horizon rainbow in Paris.

Illustrated quotes from The Oatmeal.

Thoughtful graffiti. (I love the progressions page.)

Happy Friday!!!

The B.Read List

When I was younger I got into the habit of reading every single night in bed before falling asleep. It became a ritual, something I would look forward to over the course of the day; I loved the characters and the change of scenery, and the end of each book left me longing for more. Then as I got older my social life expanded and I started reading less. Once I got to college and found myself constantly 'busy' with new people and experiences, I just stopped reading books all together.

Last year I finally reflected upon this sad truth while looking at the piles of unread books on my bookcase and I made a silent goal to read at least one book per month for the whole year. And I did! In 2012 I read 15 books. I accomplished my goal, and then some! They weren't all amazing - there were definitely some books that I liked way more than others (denoted by little hearts in my graphic below) - but the point is that I kept up with them and read way more books than I had in the last few…