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Fun Finds Friday #21

Another well-organized small apartment space this week.
Of course I absolutely love the little reading nook!

Joy the Baker shares a hot fudge milkshake.
Watch the video and try to tell me you don't want one right this second.

Check out these better life bags; they have personality and they're for a great cause!

I want to make some tiny shadowboxes; so cool!

+ How fast can you type? (Mavis Beacon, anyone?) I'm at 72 wpm!
+ Pretty neat story/project about twins separated at birth.

Lets Play Catch-Up

Watching: We've been watching a lot of funny movies lately: Extract, Butter, Bridesmaids, and Horrible Bosses; I recommend each one of those. We also watched Thunder Point, which was entertaining primarily because it has Kyle MacLachlan of Twin Peaks in it, but it's a very low quality film otherwise. As far as TV shows go, at a friend's recommendation we watched the pilot of The Following and although I'm intrigued, I haven't watched any more than that. We've been catching up on the show Community every chance we get though; it's hilarious! Our friend Rory got us a 3-month subscription to Hulu for Christmas and we have been enjoying it thoroughly. I think we'll keep it going after it expires; there are so many great shows on there that Netflix just doesn't have.

Listening: I've been listening to my iTunes for the first time in over a year (I'm getting tired of Pandora's repeat stations); I made a playlist a while back called "good sc…

Fun Finds Friday #20

Clever & fun downspouts; would you get one?

This photographer traveled the world for authentic grandmothers' cooking.

Take a tour of a 500 square foot apartment in San Francisco;
I love the bedroom and the backyard. I can't believe it's only 500 square feet!

+ This French commercial for toilet paper.
+ Lets talk about slowing things down.
+ Life lessons by Brene Brown; I loved her TED talk.

Fun Finds Friday #19

National Geographic's visions of Earth... some things don't even look real!

The Earth is pretty amazing!

Every-day objects made entirely of paper

+ I loved this little honest post about owning a flower shop/small business
+ Model morphosis
+ Also, models and their mothers
+ A father's advice to his kids

January Whimsey Box

For Christmas my parents got me a year-long subscription to Whimsey Box. My first box arrived at the end of January, but I didn't get around to doing anything with it until this weekend. (Yes, I know... the whole point of the whimsey box subscription was to inspire me to create on a more regular basis!)

The January box contained: four calendar pages with blank space above, a variety of small rubber stamp shapes, a wooden block on which to glue the shapes, an ink pad, and a hole puncher. I spent a few days thinking about what to do with everything and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to use more than stamps to decorate the calendar - I wanted to put some inspiring quotes in there as well. My original intentions were to hand write everything in different fonts... but my penmanship just isn't that good and my first attempt looked downright silly. So instead I chose different fonts for the quotes, printed them all out, then cut and pasted them onto the calendar pages (Now th…

Fun Finds Friday #18

How about a dose of daily dishonesty? Lets be honest here.

An inside look at the making of a cookbook.

This urn will turn you into a tree after you die! I am down with that.

Turning ridiculous feedback into posters.

I want to bake my own dinosaur!! Seriously, I would have so much fun with that.

Happy Friday, people!