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Looking Back on 2012

Happy new year! Now that it's 2013, I really don't have much to say about 2012 other than it was a year full of change and growth. Change, because we encountered quite a few of them this past year; from moving out of our apartment of two years in suburban Philadelphia back to our roots in New Jersey, starting new jobs, leaving new friends behind and reuniting with old ones. Growth, because that's all that can really come of change. If you don't grow a little bit -both emotionally and psychologically- each year, well, then you haven't really lived fruitfully, I'd say.

Here's a look back at 2012, instagram-style:

Seeing those initial signs of spring from last year make me yearn for warmer weather; I can't wait until the flowers start to bloom again and the days go back to being longer... winter sure is beautiful though!

Some things to remember about 2012:
- An abundance of tasty meals with friends.
- Grilling! Lots and lots of grilling.
- New jobs, new tricks.
- Our first vacation in over three years! With disaster attached, of course.
- Our very first real Christmas tree!

I'm not really one to make New Years resolutions, seeing as most of the time they don't get accomplished (See: 2011, 2012). Last year I had an unspoken goal to read one book each month... and I succeeded!! I ended out the year having read 16 books total! This year, I'm keeping the same goal. When I was younger I would read constantly, but for a few years after high school I got really out of the habit of reading regularly, so I'm super happy to be making time for it again! Having an actual 30-minute sit-down lunch break at work certainly helps.

The only other goal I have this year is to buy less and make more. Every year I try to tap into my creative side, whether it's with paper crafts, sewing, or dabbling in jewelry-making. This year it should be a little easier since my parents got me a whole year of Whimseybox! I can't wait to get my first box in the mail- let the crafting ensue! One of the books I read in November also got me thinking about where my clothing comes from and how it's made, and in turn I'm trying to be more conscious of these things. I'd love to start making some of my own clothing, and buying vintage over the ill-fitting cheaper trends of today's retail world.

That's a wrap. I wish you all a beautiful start to the new year!