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Fit for a king

Every year I always forget about the early-January French tradition to have a galette des rois (king's cake). I was reminded of it this year because of this post over at Manger. Hers looks absolument délicieux! My mother makes one every single year without fail; unfortunately I missed out on last year's, and the one from the year before. And this year, we're thousands of miles apart so I guess I'm missing out yet again!

Hm? What's that you say? I'm a baker? Why yes! Yes I am! Why, I suppose you're right. I suppose I could just make my own galette des rois this year... I hadn't really considered that option before. By golly, I think I just might! But I work on Sundays... yet I'm off on Mondays. So it's decided then. On Monday I will make my very first, very own, galette des rois. And since I have the whole day, why not make it entirely from scratch? That's right. I'm going to make puff pastry. From scratch. And it will be amazing! And I will, of course, use one of my mother's fève inside. I can't wait!

On an entirely unrelated note, you should also take a minute to read over this post at Happy Yolks, which continues to amaze me with incredibly well-worded and heartfelt posts, each one more eloquent than the next. One of the things I love about blogging is that you can find people leading nearly-parallel lives to your own. This isn't the first time she's put into words my own thoughts and feelings about my world lately. Also, that shaved cauliflower salad looks quite delectable as well.

Well, all this talk of food and now I've gone and made myself hungry.
Sounds like it's time for dinner!
A bientôt!