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Mo's 2012 Gift Guide / Wishlist

While I've been busy thinking of gifts for others, a few people have asked me what I would like for Christmas this year. So, for all my family and friends, here is a list of things that I would really enjoy seeing under the tree. I'm also calling this a gift guide because I'm sure there are other people you know out there who would also appreciate some of these things. You can thank me later ;)

1. Whimsey Box: a monthly subscription that arrives in your mailbox full of DIY projects.
2. Succulent Tea Lights: even easier than taking care of succulents, and still adorable!
3. Nuts About Entertaining Shaker: squirrels, nuts, and shakers- enough said.
4. Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Set: THIS IS SO COOL.
5. Trunks Full of Taste Shaker: adorable loving elephant salt and pepper shaker set.
6. Two Toned Square Earrings: I'm diggin' the color blocking going on here.
7. Stardust Earrings: they look like the universe! A really tiny wearable universe.
8. Triangle Earrings: tiny triangles for my ears!
9. Elephant iPhone Case: I like switching up my iPhone case, and this elephant one is really neat.
10. Blue Moon Clock: it's been far too long since I got a new clock!
11. Vinyl Record Wall Clock: a clock carved out of a vinyl record? Awesome!
12. DavidsTea Caffeine-Free Sampler: I am always on the look-out for good decaf teas.
13. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz T-Shirt: classic book covers t-shirts for bookworms like me.
14. Anthropologie's Tonalities Boatneck: I love striped shirts.
15. Anthropologie's Banter Tee: bunnies!!!
16. Anthropologie's Here & There Tee: foxes and some rad colors- adorable!

A few more things that I didn't think to include when I made the nifty graphics list...
The Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs Pop-Up Book: I've been wanting this for years. YEARS, people.
This dress from Shade looks so comfortable.
This bikini from Shade as well, even though it's not the season for it at all!
This ring and this ring in a size 8, please!
This iPhone tripod: I would get so much use out of this!