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A Peek Into My Work Week

I haven't shown you much of what I do at work these days... my time is split between helping customers in the front and lending a hand in the kitchen. I really enjoy the balance of doing both, but recently I've been spending more of my time in the kitchen and I really don't mind that at all. Here's a peek at some of the things that I've made lately.

vanilla bean macaroons

pear frangipane tart

rustic apricot tart

chocolate mice

individual tarts of all kinds

...Are you salivating yet? :)

P.S. I posted my favorite waffle recipe over at Between Three Kitchens!

Triumph Brewing Company

A few Sundays ago we visited Riverhorse Brewery in Lancaster, NJ, then crossed over the river and had dinner at Triumph Brewing Company in New Hope, PA. The brewery tour was neat, albeit short and sweet - their brewery is so much smaller than I was expecting! The whole tour lasted about 20 minutes and although they have a bar with all of their beers on tap inside the same building, we opted to go to Triumph instead to avoid the huge crowd that was waiting for beers at Riverhorse.

We shared the beer sampler at Triumph - all 7 of their beers in 5oz glasses. Shawn and I had a sip of each one first to decide which ones we each preferred, then we drank our favorites. We also went a little crazy with the food - we each got an appetizer and a main course - usually we stick to one course and maybe one drink each, but everything on the menu sounded so delicious that we figured eh, what the heck!

beer sampler!

cucumber gazpacho for me, honey bbq wings for Shawn

Shawn got fish and chips, I opted for…

It's August Already?!

As I'm sure you've noticed, this blog has taken a bit of a back seat ever since we moved back to New Jersey. That was never my intention, but it's just the way things seem to have progressed. Our lives are far busier now than they ever were in Philly.

Busy is good though, don't get me wrong. Busy with work, busy with life, busy with friends. One of the real perks of being back near both of our hometowns is that we've been able to spend so much more of our free time with friends! I'm sure I don't have to tell you how much more difficult it is to make friends once you're out of school... it's tough to find people who have similar interests and schedules. Heck, it's hard enough finding time to hang out with old friends, let alone trying to make new ones!

So, instead of spending all my extra time after work browsing the internet or catching up on shows on Netflix, I've been appreciating being able to grab lunch or dinner with a friend, or even cat…