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Fun Finds Friday #8

I've been slacking on the FFF posts these last few weeks. I will say one thing though! Evernote has made it so much easier to keep track of cool things I stumble upon. Now I have an on-going list and no excuse not to bring you more fun finds on Fridays!

My friend Elyse wrote a nostalgic post about the game Treasure Cove. Other 'children of the 90s era' may remember playing various games by The Learning Company; my favorites were Treasure Mathstorm, Zoombinis: Logical Journey, and Midnight Rescue.

Fonderia is an Italian company that conceptually blends graphic design with baking... how can I get in on this?

An iPhone case that has room to store a card in it too? Pretty neat, methinks.

This book title roughly translates to: About a Little Mole Who Wants to Know Who it Was that Pooped on its Head. (English version here)

A scratch pad for DJ cats. What? Your cat doesn't like to DJ?

And, as started in my last fun finds friday post... I'm sharing one new blog and worthwhile video with you.

blog: Illustrated Bites
video: If you haven't seen the most epic marriage proposal ever, you're seriously missing out. The romantic in me got a little teary eyed at this one.