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Day in the Life: Photo an Hour

Occasionally, a couple of bloggers that I follow do these posts they call Photo An Hour - where they pick one day of the week to take a photo of whatever they're doing each hour. It's a peek into their daily lives in photographic form. It's not as creepy as it may sound; it's really just more intent documentation of a day in the life of that person. Really, isn't that what blogging is all about- sharing a bit of our lives with anyone who is curious? We're the over-sharers of the internet world, unified by our common ability to talk about what goes on in our lives to anyone who is willing to listen read about it.

I decided to partake in my own Photo An Hour project on my day off last week; so this is what last Wednesday, June 6th, looked like for me:

9am: Breakfast: green tea & cornflakes with fresh peach from a local farm.

10am: Catching up on blogs. Reeder is my preferred blog reader.
(I really need to get a bulletin board on the wall back there to jazz up my desk area a bit!)

11am: Making morning glory muffins.
(I'll have to post a recipe for those some time; they're my absolute favorite!)

12pm: Muffins are out of the oven and cooling down.

1pm: Filled the car with a full tank of gas while on my way to the grocery store for a few things.
(Ignore the no-seatbelt light - I was actually stopped in the driveway to pick up the mail on my way back!)

2pm: Turkey, ham and swiss sandwiches with chips for lunch, yum!

3pm: Cleaning out the spice cabinet - can you believe all that fit up there?!

4pm: Portioning naan dough after making it earlier and letting it rest for two hours.

5pm: The spice cabinet is officially clean and organized alphabetically, because I like it that way.

6pm: Snacking on homemade naan and Trader Joe's hummus.

7pm: Did some dishes and pulled out some chocolate chip cookies to bake off.

8pm: Making dinner; waiting for the pasta water to boil.

9pm: Pasta Bolognese - my favorite!

The photos stop there because all we did after dinner was watch a bit of Food Network and get ready for bed. This is a typical day off for me; unless we have plans to do anything special, I do whatever baking I've been thinking about all week and spend the rest of the day catching up on my never-ending to-do list or organizing parts of the house. There's always so much to do in a day!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my day to day activities :)


  1. You organized the spice cabinet ALPHABETICALLY! That's great! I love you Marine but I question whose daughter you really are. You didn't get that from me or from Mom.


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