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Fun Finds Friday #10

A cool way to grow lettuce; on the side of your house! It looks so neat.

I am diggin' this armor hoodie, sold over on Etsy; don't you want one too?

Target now sells a Yoga Teacher Barbie doll... I'm still not quite sure how to feel about their choice of representation of a yoga teacher. (You know, they all have chihuahuas, right?)

Piano bookshelf. Man, I must be a nerd or something; I really do like bookshelves.

Back to gardening... and dinosaurs? It's a DIY dinosaur planter!

+ A short video for this week.
+ This isn't a blog, but it's a zombie apocalypse version of Google Maps, and that's just as acceptable.

Fun Finds Friday #9

This memory bank is a fun take on the usual piggy bank.

I love cute things, and this baby bunny that Kaylah found is just the cutest!

Embroidered Kanye West Tweets.

Of course the Japanese would be the ones to sell a squirrel tape dispenser.

State shaped cutting boards - so perfect for cheese!

- This list of advice is pretty hilarious.
- As is this story about a very strange chocolate interview.
- We saw this video on some tv show a few days ago... what a crazy story!

Day in the Life: Photo an Hour

Occasionally, a couple of bloggers that I follow do these posts they call Photo An Hour - where they pick one day of the week to take a photo of whatever they're doing each hour. It's a peek into their daily lives in photographic form. It's not as creepy as it may sound; it's really just more intent documentation of a day in the life of that person. Really, isn't that what blogging is all about- sharing a bit of our lives with anyone who is curious? We're the over-sharers of the internet world, unified by our common ability to talk about what goes on in our lives to anyone who is willing to listen read about it.

I decided to partake in my own Photo An Hour project on my day off last week; so this is what last Wednesday, June 6th, looked like for me:

9am: Breakfast: green tea & cornflakes with fresh peach from a local farm.

10am: Catching up on blogs. Reeder is my preferred blog reader.
(I really need to get a bulletin board on the wall back there to jazz up my …

Fun Finds Friday #8

I've been slacking on the FFF posts these last few weeks. I will say one thing though! Evernote has made it so much easier to keep track of cool things I stumble upon. Now I have an on-going list and no excuse not to bring you more fun finds on Fridays!

My friend Elyse wrote a nostalgic post about the game Treasure Cove. Other 'children of the 90s era' may remember playing various games by The Learning Company; my favorites were Treasure Mathstorm, Zoombinis: Logical Journey, and Midnight Rescue.

Fonderia is an Italian company that conceptually blends graphic design with baking... how can I get in on this?

An iPhone case that has room to store a card in it too? Pretty neat, methinks.

This book title roughly translates to: About a Little Mole Who Wants to Know Who it Was that Pooped on its Head. (English version here)

A scratch pad for DJ cats. What? Your cat doesn't like to DJ?

And, as started in my last fun finds friday post... I'm sharing one new blog an…

Breakfast for Lunch

Seriously, is there anything better than breakfast any time of day?

You Know We Love Squirrels, But....

Ever since moving back to New Jersey, the squirrels here have been more of a pain-in-the-butt than anything else. Do you see this mess?

That is half a bird feeder worth of bird seed, all over the dog house and deck. Apparently we should move that bird feeder to a spot that's not quite so easy to reach. Otherwise we get more squirrel visitors than we do birds!

It all started with one squirrel and a chipmunk. The chipmunk would scope out the deck and then call to his squirrel friend to let him know the coast was clear. This went on for about a week or so, then we noticed another squirrel join in on the action. No joke, two squirrels and a chipmunk were scheming together to steal bird seed! I mean, with the dog house positioned where it is (ahem, right under the bird feeder...) it's not the most difficult of tasks, but I will give credit where credit is due.

Here's the kicker though; this morning I went downstairs to feed the cats and when I looked out the window I noticed not o…