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All Moved In

It's been a busy week, hence the lack of new posts, but we are finally all moved in and have been enjoying being back in NJ since last Saturday! The move went unbelievably well; my friend's trailer was able to fit every last thing left in the apartment and since she got a bit of a head start driving back, by the time Shawn and I got to the house she and my brother had already finished unloading everything into the downstairs room - we were ever so thankful because we had already spent the two days prior moving things up and down stairs, so it was a (literal) load off our shoulders.

I took a few days off between jobs to relax and get some housework done. We've spent time clearing up various rooms and ends of the house, making space for our furniture and things and just doing some general cleaning tasks. Shawn has been doing some yard work too but it's been tough due to the gloomy rainy weather we've had all week. We've also been seeing a lot of old friends and eating copious amounts of food from places we've missed the last two years - you can never underestimate the power of good food and great friends! And when you combine the two, there's just nothing better.

Speaking of food, it's so much more pleasant to cook in this much (much!) larger kitchen. We've been doing plenty of that lately. Shawn has perfected his breaded chicken and is working his way through different meats. I think pork is next on the 'perfect this' list...

We've been grilling a lot too - we underestimated how much we would appreciate having a grill at our disposal. This was a collaborative effort - my friend Christine bought and brought the food over and we all pitched in to turn it into a meal. We're always happy to share our kitchen with people who enjoy a tasty meal - and Christine was just as happy to share her bacon potato hash with us.

It's also been fun hanging out with these two on a more regular basis; they've finally gotten used to having us around permanently now that all the moving of furniture has ceased. Oh, and did I not tell you about Mushu's homecoming gifts? He loves us so much that he brought us not one, but TWO chipmunks! He was so proud of himself; despite the gross factor of being 'given' a chipmunk, it was hard not to praise him for his efforts.

Unfortunately, the first chipmunk didn't make it... I think Mushu snapped his neck before bringing him in. We must not have seemed appreciative enough though because the second chipmunk he brought us was alive, just in shock. Shawn was even able to hold him!

It's not often you get to hold a live chipmunk in your hand. Shawn let him out in the front yard but Mushu was watching him the entire time. I'm not sure if the chipmunk made it after all that, but we're happy to report that was the last of Mushu's gift giving, at least for now.

And that ends the round-up of our first week back.
It's delightful to be home again.