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A Quiet and Rainy Month of May

It has certainly been quiet around these parts! I thought that moving and being back in NJ would mean that we would post more often, but as it turns out that is clearly not the case. I've been busy working two jobs and Shawn just started his new job (his friend got him a job at the local family-owned liquor store) it's also been difficult to work around schedules that change each week. But enough with the excuses... the truth is, there hasn't been much to talk about either. The most exciting thing I've seen this week was this little box turtle in the middle of the road on my way to work:

Of course I had to pull the car over and stop to take a picture. I wanted to pick him up and move him to a safer location but I wasn't sure how he would react... the closer I got to him the more he retracted his head inside his shell. As I drove off I passed a car that was headed in his direction and all I could do was hope that they would see him and have enough sense to drive around him. He was a pretty large turtle so I'd be really surprised if they hit him.

Here are a few other May happenings:

Chocolate chip cookies; of course.

Homemade chocolate raspberry tart.

Bedtime cat cuddles.

Daytime cat cuddles.

Now if only these May showers would cease... my dad opened the pool over a week ago but we haven't had weather nice enough to attempt any pool-time yet. Hopefully the sun comes out soon! In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!