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Weekend Instagram

Yes, I know it's Thursday. And yes, most of these photos are actually from last Saturday. But I don't care! Better late then never, right? We spent Saturday in New Jersey where we started a fire, made some pancake biscuits/scrambled pancakes, and stopped at Cluck U on the way back. Here's hoping the weather is a little warmer for this coming Saturday's trip... we'd like to get a little yard work done.

homemade chicken fried rice // it's not a trip to NJ without some Cluck U
Shawn started a fire on a chilly Saturday // then he made sure it didn't die
pancakes gone awry yet delicious // steak and some simple sides

And now for something completely different...

Fuzzy muffins! Yes, that's right, they're feeling fuzzy.
Don't mock my muffins. Shawn's the artist in this family.